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Bolga Brygge is located on the Arctic island-pearl Bolga in Meløy municipality in Nordland county, 66 ° north of the polar circle. Bolga is easy to find, because up from the island the Bolga mountains rises, which has been a sailing mark for seafarers for years. On the basis of the good fishing possibilities and the opportunity to cultivate land, people have lived there since the Viking Age, so there is a lot of history on the island.

The nature on and around Bolga is indescribably beautiful and dramatic with weather from the raging hurricane to the warmest summer day, it's only 2 days a year as the sun does not come above the horizon. We have a strong and sustainable fish stock. This makes "hot spots" for anglers I am our immediate vicinity. We are constantly catching as, among other things. shop halibut, cod, redfish and saithe.

Bolga Brygge is one of Meløys most beautiful dining places, with a view right out into the sea. The only sound you hear is the seagull that flies along the water's edge, and waves that hit the beach. The only thing you smell is fresh, salty sea air that cleans your lungs. The only thing you see is blue sea and mighty mountains. The only thing you feel is peace, peace and freedom.

We welcome you with all our hearts and will do everything we can to make Bolga and Bolga Brygge unforgettable - a memory for life!



season 2019

3. May - 14 June
Open weekends
kl 16:00-23:00 (Fri - Sat)
We have open Sundays if the weather is nice (advertised on Facebook)

21. June - 18. August 
kl 11:00-14:00 (lunch)
kl 16:00-23:00 (Weekdays)
kl 16:00-01:00 (Fri - Sat, the kitchen closes at 23:00)
kl 11:00-17:00 (Sundays)

23. August - 15.September
Open weekends
kl 16:00-23:00 (Fri - Sat)
We have open Sundays if the weather is nice (advertised on Facebook)




Our sea houses are located right on the quay and are available in two different sizes. The large sea houses have 4 bedrooms, with 2 separate beds in each room and are 100m². The small sea houses have 2 bedrooms, with 2 separate beds in each room and 50 m². In addition, we also have Fiskebrygga, which is located on the historic quay of Bolga. It has 3 bedrooms with 2 separate beds in each room and is 70 m².



We want you to have a fantastic experience at our restaurant, our focus is on offering local food with a large dose of love. In the high season (May - August) the restaurant is open all weekends, but also on weekdays from 24 June to 16 August. We have open pub for events and courses, book us for a private company or event!



Bolga Brygge offers several spectacular, refreshing, soothing and wonderful experiences in the sea and mountains, food and drink, and not least heart and soul.
We are also a fully equipped fishing camp with 14 boats for rent. We work with wonderful talented local and external partners, who are driven by the same goals as us - everyone who visits Bolga Brygge should give us a warm feeling in the heart and with good memories for life.



Booking for courses and conferences, private parties and weddings.
For b0oking outside the summer season, please contact Helén on +47 971 77 608 or